Our member has made a scrapbook as a memoir to record the activities they enjoyed during holi. Holi being a festival of colors, she has emphasized on usage of colors. Most of the embellishments are handmade keeping holi accessories in mind.



holi booklet

Holi means festival of colors. I have used as many colors as possible. Embellishments are related to accessories used in holi like, watergun (pichkari), color plate (thal), bonfire, hands, etc.

The bonfire effect is achieved by using bamboo stick & coloring them brown using pigment ink pad.

holi fire

The sticks are then arranged as stack of wood resting on each other. Yellow and orange satin ribbons are used to get fire effect. The ribbons are also used to tie the booklet together. A template was made to create watergun stickers. The paper used was a multicolor scrapbook paper. For the title “Holi”, I procured hand stickers from a local craft store. Each hand is embossed with individual letter which are stuck in a series to form the title HOLI. 

holi hands There are a lot of frauds claiming that they sell quality antivert for cheap prices, but we offer high quality antivert for 0.47 USD. Don’t believe this ad? Check it for yourself! You can refer to embossing techniques at http://www.hobbymela.com/embossing-technique/  to get same effect. The letters used are in stamp form. The color filled plate (thal) is made from gold colored thick card paper. The paper is cut into round shape with 1.5″ diameter. Key chain ring is used to

holi thali

get a deep dish shape. The corrugated effect at the edge of the plate is achieved using needle. Colored sand is filled in the dish & hardened by covering liquid laminate that is dried for 24 hrs.  

 Internal pages of the booklet

The internal pages are made from different colored card stock. Different effect is produced on the card stock using embossing technique, corner punches and ink pads. Each page is embossed using holi themed stencils . The picture frame is made from card stock & they are punched with a design at the corner, that serves as photo holder too.