Diwali is India’s most important festival. Scrapbooking generally is about preserving memory of an event in someone’s life. One of our member has made a scrapbook page to preserve these memories for long & cherish them when her children grow up. Lets understand how the page was conceptualized, designed and put together….


Most houses during diwali are decorated with flowers, diyas(tea lights), lanterns & rangoli. I have used the same concept to create a scrapbook page. As you can see in the image, the door to the house has a toran (garland) at the top. The door also serves as a booklet to preserve all the photographs. The garden outside the house is decorated with tea lights & rangoli. Series of lanterns are hanging from the balcony along the ceiling level. There are different paper techniques used to create different embellishments named lantern, diya, rangoli, crackers, door & toran.

diwali-homeStep 1: First decide what to be included in the page like – pictures, journaling, type of embellishment to be used. Plan the page layout and how to make the embellishment in case not using readymade ones. There are general guidelines one can use for the page layout, but I have not used the standard format.

Step 2: Once the layout is planned, start placing the embellishment first. As you can see in the image here most embellishments are made by hand not purchased from the market. I have explained how to create these embellishments in following steps.



Step 3: The door is made using beige card-stock. After cutting the card-stock to desired size, I wet the paper a little & crumpled to get the effect seen on the door. The paper was rested to dry. After drying, brown color chalk powder was applied to get the effect. The door frame is made from craft foam sheet. The door rings are made from jewelry wire gauge 24 by curving them round & piercing it in the paper.

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The toran is made by stringing small flower stickers( 2 of them stuck back to back) + number embellishments. The door also serves as a booklet to preserve the photographs as well as journalling all the activities that were enjoyed during diwali.

Step 4: The garden of the house is decorated with diyas. Diyas are made by folding paper 4-6 times & cutting diya shape keeping edges intact so that one gets a series of diyas. They are colored using chalk powder as they give desired burning effect. They are glued using foam dots to give 3D effect. The rangoli is done using sand art (colored sand available in craft stores).


The white borders on the rangoli are achieved by trimming paper doily.The grass area is created using readymade sticker.

Step 5: The lanterns(kandil) are made from orange & green cardstock + golden vellum paper. The hanging strings are orange & green thin satin ribbon + golden elastic string used as jewelry thread.

diwali-lanternCheck http://www.hobbymela.com/lantern-using-paper-piecing-technique/ for how to make the lantern. Quilling technique is used to create letters of the title “DIWALI”. Quilling is explained in detail at http://www.hobbymela.com/fun-with-paper/quilling/