Angela is owner and creative head of She is an engineer by profession but hardcore crafter by heart :) . She has made a quilled wall hanging as an entry to Holi contest…. For detailed quilled hanging tutorial you can click


Quilled Wall Hanging Tutorial by Angela

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Materials Required to Make Quilled Wall Hanging We’ve got the best solution for your viagra Plus purchase! Why? Just because you can buy it only for 0.98 USD with us!

  • quilling strips
  • circle sizer
  • tweezers
  • glue
  • scissors
  • twine

Step by Step Procedure to Make Quilled Wall Hanging

1. My quilled wall hanging is based on my bangle wall hanging and so I decided to have three parts, the middle one being the prominent one and the other two on top and bottom. I started making the top & bottom smaller designs first since they were going to be identical.

2. I started with a hollow ring of quilling paper by rolling it around a fevistick tube. You can use your border buddy if you own one to get this shape but I don’t mind my glue stick  I used about 3-4 strips around by applying glue in between randomly while making a round so that it turned out to be sturdy and rigid. Make sure you leave it on the template itself till it dries so that your round doesnt become an oval!

3. I made these little tight coils and stuck them around the ring and made another ring around this one.I found it a little difficult to make this ring and unfortunately i dint have an exact size template to wind around. So instead of starting by applying glue around and winding, I simply wound the quilling strip

4. I then prepared little hearts using loose teardrops and stuck them around this ring. Since this was a quilled wall hanging, I dint mind messing one side ( that was going to face the wall) with glue  I used an acetate/OHP sheet as base and completed one round of hearts around the ring.

5. Since I had used colors of same tone for both the ring and the hearts, I felt something was missing and so I made these tiny tight coils with white strips and inserted them in between the rings and the hearts.

6. The size of the design was huge enough as I had decided but the colors it had were only 3 and so I have left with lesser choice of design for my middle design. I added one more layer around to add yellow and red color to the design. Made these yellow tight tear drops  and red tight round coils and glued them alternately around the heard crevices.

7. I made two identical ones of the same design for the top and bottom shaped in my quilled wall hanging.

8. Coming to the main middle figure, It had to have more colors and more attraction and hence more work! I started again with a hollow ring using my glue stick and made many tight coils to fill up spaces here n there. I made a quilled malaysian flower at the centre. I made the flower in yellow & red color and added a dash of blue ( which is the highlight color of my quilled wall hanging) by inserting tiny tiny tight circular coils inside the petals.

9. Following the layout in the smaller design, I inserted contrast white color small tight coils between the petals at the bottom and finished off that layer by sealing it with another ring of blue.

10. The design still had to be spread for another 2-3 layers to make it huge so I made two layers of simple tight circular coils – one in alternate light and dark blue, the other with spaced single color.

11. I had yet to finish off a colour balance in the whole design so I went with tight teardrops in red with yellow border. Unfortunately my reds and yellows finished off and so had to adjust with maroon and peach shaded random strips ha ha!

12. There were these very visible gaps between the quilled malaysian flower petals and the ring adjoining it so I made these little “V” shaped hearts with single loose coil and filled up that space. The single coil heart was made in just three simple step- Make a loose coil, fold it at half the diameter like how you fold your quilled malaysian flower petal, pinch the U end of petal to form a V shape, release!I made use of my scissors to make the “V” shape because the coil was too small to even hold it properly between my fingers!

 Tips and tricks for Making Quilled Wall Hanging

1. Any thing quilling according to me must be sturdy and rigid so that it stays for a longer time. That meand the design should have more of tight coil designs and less of loose coils designs.

2. Since the its a wall hanging, one side can be used as a rough side where you can mess up all the glue but keep the other side very very neat.
3. I strongly recommend using a tweezer because there are lot of teeny weeny shapes to be inserted here and there which becomes easier and mess free when worked with a tweezer.

4. Try to fill in gaps between figures so that the design is almost a fully filled flat piece of hmmmm..wall hanging!

5.  I love the paper matte original look in my quilling so i do not apply/use any sealant or varnish. But if you are okay with the glossy finish, a coat of glue followed by varnish is highly recommended to increase the sturdiness of the quilled wall hanging.