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Enter the contest by 12th November, 2016 by 6pm

Contest Description

“Diwali, The festival of lights”

Diwali is brightest of all the hindu festivals. It signifies the victory of light over darkness. It is celebrated by decorating houses with row of diyas, which is true meaning of Diwali. People make various food delicacies during the festival. Rangoli from colors, or flowers is an important decoration in every house. Lakshmi puja is an important ritual on diwali day followed by firecrackers. This year the festival will fall on October 30th.

Create an artifact that represents Diwali festival

  1. Diyas from any clay, floating candles,
  2. Rangoli designs using colors, flowers, pulses,
  3. mandalas
  4. kandil using origami, paper crafting techniques
  5.  miniature puja thali, food thali from artificial clay
  6. Greeting cards using quilling, iris & tea bag folding, parchment craft or rubber stamping techniques
  7. A scrapbook page to capture special moments
  8. Canvas, portraying the festival in full spirits

Upload the image of your work with step-by-step instructions, if possible & win a Prize!

Winner will be announced on the home page on November 13th, 2016.  The winner will receive gift voucher worth Rs. 1000/- from India’s leading craft supply store.

* Contestant must be from India.