Christmas is approaching…. Juhi Khanna will show us how to make plastic straw snowflakes in this tutorial. Juhi has contributed many articles to this site & we thank her for that….



You will need:

  1. Plastic straws – mine were 8.25″ long
  2. Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  3. Fevicol / Elmer’s Glue
  4. Fine glitter / diamond dust
  5. Scissors
  6. Stapler


Begin by flattening the straws in the center by stapling, this makes it easier to layer the straws.

EC Juhi snow flake1

Using hot glue, glue together 3 straws at their centers, making an aEC Juhi snow flake2ngle of approx 60 degrees. The base of my 6 armed snowflake is ready.

Cut 12 1.5″  straw pieces and make angular cuts at the ends as shown below. EC Juhi snow flake3





Hot glue pairs of the straw pieces to make 6 “V” shapes as shown in the photo. Hot glue takes about 30-40 seconds to cool and set, you might want to lay the pieces together at the desired location, apply hot glue and let it set without disturbing.

EC Juhi snow flake4

Glue the “V”s between the arms of the snowflake.

EC Juhi snow flake5


Cut out 12 1/2″ straw pieces and make angular cuts at one end

EC Juhi snow flake6






Glue them to the snowflake tips and your snowflake is ready. Cover the snowflake with any clear drying glue. I applied a thick layer of fevicol with a brush. Pour glitter and let it dry….once dry, re-apply glitter over any left over patches.

EC Juhi snow flake7

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