Glass fusing is a process of joining glass pieces together by partly melting the glass in electric kiln at high temperature. At temperatures between 1100 to 1600 *F, glass softens enough that when pieces of glass are heated and pressed together, they will fuse into a single seamless piece. Using glass fusing method once can make wall & tabletop pieces, bowls & plates, pendents, coasters, bottles, napkin holder, etc…

Though the exact era of glass fusing technique discovery is unknown, there is archeological evidence that proves its existence since 2000 BCE. In earlier times, the fusing technique was mainly used to make small glass objects until glass blowing came to existence.  Glass blowing technique is more efficient & hence took over fusing technique.

The fusing technique was lost for centuries but gained popularity in mid 20th century in USA as hobbyist started experimenting & discovered unusual result from fusing techniques.

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Tools & Supplies for making glass fusing item

Glass: Glasses with different coefficients of expansion or viscosity cannot be fused together. Upon cooling the fused piece will crack. Hence it is important to use glass with same coefficient or of same brand. In addition to the plain & colored glass, artist use dichroic glass that has multiple micro layer of metal or oxide.

Glass Cutter: Glass cutters are used to create a score line. Glass cutters need to be lubricated with oil. There are self oiling cutters available in the market or apply oil on the tip of the cutter.

Running or Grozing plier: They are used to snap the glass after scoring the glass with the cutter.

Glass smoothing supplies: Cut glass needs to be smoothened using an electrical glass grinder or carborundum stone, to avoid any injury.

Tweezers: to hold small & tiny pieces of glass & place them onto the glass to be fused with.

Kiln: For fusing the glass we need to fire them in the kiln

SafetyProtective glasses to shield the eyes from glass chips and splattering flux or solder. First aid kit that includes Band-Aid, cream to treat burns, an eyewash etc….

Glass paints & powders: To accessorize the output.

Please refer to following external link for visual explanation


Refer to the external links below to understand different fusing techniques….


If you plan to go to western countries, you can look for glass fusing kits. Some of the examples are in following link


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