Lamasa is a modeling clay made using corn flour. It is white in color & characteristics are similar to air drying clay. One can add color to the dough itself or paint the artwork after it hardens. The clay can be used to make decorative flowers, dolls, miniature models, & artwork similar to the one’s made from other artificial clays.

Lamasa is a Spanish kitchen art.

To make the dough use (from

  1. half cup of corn flour & craft glue
  2. half tablespoon of zinc oxide powder
  3. half lime juice
  4. one tablespoon glycerine
  5. oil based cold cream
  6. clear wrap
  7. aluminium vessel
  8. airtight container
  9. Acrylic color

Mix flour & zinc oxide in a bowl. Add lime juice, glue & glycerine. Mix well & ensure no lumps are there. Add the mix to the aluminum vessel which is set on medium heat. Stir in for couple of minutes till dough stops sticking to the vessel. Remove the dough, roll into a ball, wrap it with clear wrap & store it in airtight container.

To add color, apply cold cream to the palms, take the dough & add acrylic color. Knead gently till color is distributed evenly.

Refer to the link for visual explanation

  1. Please refer to following links for different techniques used to make lamasa craft pieces
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