Madhubani painting is a famous indian painting style practiced in Mithila region of Bihar as well as Terai area in Napal. Madhubani painting is done with fingers, twigs, brushes, nib-pens, and matchsticks, using natural dyes and pigments.

Madhubani painting is centuries old art that originated at the time of the Ramayana. Traditionally, madhubani paintings were done by women in the village on freshly mud plastered hut walls & floors. Madhubani paintings are made from the paste of powdered rice. Madhubani painting has remained confined to a compact geographical area and the skills have been passed on through centuries, the content and the style have largely remained the same.

Madhubani paintings mostly depict the men & its association with nature and the scenes & deity from the ancient epics. Natural objects like the sun, the moon, and religious plants like tulsi are also widely painted, along with scenes from the royal court and social events like weddings. Generally no space is left empty; the gaps are filled by paintings of flowers, animals, birds, and even geometric designs.

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Surface:  madhubani paper (handmade paper), silk, other cloth

Tracing paper & carbon sheet: To trace & copy the design on to the surface

Brushes: Size 000 & some bigger sizes

Paints: Fabric paint for cloth & poster color for paper

Black marker: For outlining the design

  1. Select the design: If you are not confident of drawing the design, you can trace it & then copy it on to paper or cloth.

    Paint the design: Use poster color for paper & fabric paint for cloth. The colors are applied flat with no shading. There is normally a double line drawn for the outlines, with the gap between the lines filled by cross or straight tiny lines. In the linear painting, no colors are applied. Only the outlines are drawn.

    Outline the design: Make outline using black marker.

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