Welcome to the world of hobby crafting – Hobbymela!  As the name suggest it is a place where people meet to enjoy and learn crafting, though virtually. Our aim is to create awareness and love for the various craft techniques practiced all around the world. Currently we have collected information for about 40 craft techniques in the “hobby” section, and the list will grow as we receive inputs from users like you.

The motto of this website is “Create, Share and Enrich“.

  1. ” Don’t want to spend a premium for your Levlen? This is a solved issue, as you can buy it at our store now for only 0.59 USD! Create one of its kind craft work using different craft techniques
  2. Share” unique craft work creation in the “project” section
  3. Enrich” your skills by learning new techniques shared by users and by exploring this wonderful craft site.

In addition, participate in various “craft contest” to inspire your creative side.

Imagining and creating your own, unique piece of craftwork is tremendously fulfilling. With the tools, materials, technique and information available today, most often the end results are surprising. We invite you to express your creativity through hobbymela.com so that others benefit from the knowledge of craft techniques & ideas that you possess. 

Avani  – info@hobbymela.com